Department of defense emp nov 4

department of defense emp nov 4
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"VERY BAD DAY" On Nov. 4th? EMP Drill Held Same Day As Anti-fa Uprising…

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DESCRIPTION: No, we did not plan this to coincide with any particular protest. If you have done that, and want to do more, join MARS. Most of all, you will be part of the solution to big problems like how to recover from a severe solar storm..

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Build an effective station. A video that falsely claims that a Department of Defense DoD communications drill will cause the national power grid to go out for several days in early November is causing panic on social media. You will solve problems, and make a lot of new friends in your team. I found this video on Facebook. Paul English, the Army MARS program manager quoted in the press release, confirmed to us that it was a pre-planned training exercise:.

Will the DoD really shut down the power grid? No.

department of defense emp nov 4
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Off-the-grid radio operators would be enlisted to carry out status reports across the US for the Pentagon and White House. We are experiencing some issues with our feedback form..

  • If you are already an Amateur Radio operator, learn as much as you can about using High Frequency radio..
  • Department of Defense will not shut down power grid
  • Weather Alert
  • North Korea EMP fears: US emergency drill over power threat THIS WEEK | Daily Star

I live in a bad place and I have kids what can I do??.

  • Nov 3, - Elements of the US Department of Defense (DOD) will conduct a “communications interoperability” training exercise November , once again.
  • Nov 1, - The video warns that the Department of Defense will be using an electromagnetic pulse to shutdown the power grid November – and that.
  • EMP Department Of Defense Drill November 4th Through 6th. Marcus Rogers. Loading. Please try again.

The official DoD announcement about the planned exercise states: Is there really going to be an electric pull that will last November ? Readers also asked about different variations of the rumor on Facebook and Twitter, most of which claims that there would be an extended loss of power: Go to the link and fill out the on line form. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Keeping track of the various protest groups calendar of events department of defense emp nov 4 more than a little out of our lane.

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