Who is stronger leo or aries

who is stronger leo or aries
My name is , 19 years: I am young, intelligent, full of life and passion. I am open minded, easy-going, smiley, curious, serious and responsible person. Well read in literature, intellectual developed lady, with deep sense of humor and positive attitude to life, loyal and understanding, but never forgive betrayal, always appreciate naked truth . I am lover of life! I like beauty of nature, sea, mountains, sun, sand, sunrises and sunsets, magic stars, walks under rain, rainbow, feel smell of rain, lay on grass, feel wind. I am fond of sport and especially I like swimming and fitness. I enjoy romantic walks on beach, candle light dinners, love to travel very much and spend time on nature. I just like to have fun and want to share this wonderful world with lover man..


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DESCRIPTION: Many consider Scorpio the most powerful zodiac sign of hem all. Cancers we are like the saying goes behind every good man is a great woman. ThePaganSun January 9, Because in order for a person or authority to say that something is "whack job, with mental problems", you would ot to know ALL there is about reality and the hereafter.

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The Four Most Powerful Signs Of The Zodiac And Their Hidden Strengths

Lincoln, Bob Marley, Mozart all aquarians. Do you look for the unusual in a partner, prefer multiple partners, or the unconventional? And I agree with some of the things you're saying. Char January 6, As well as technology and reason for umbrellas in the first place. If I had to say who comes next in standing and power, it would go like this

Strongest Signs, Leo,Aries and Scorpio.

who is stronger leo or aries
My name is Peggy, 27.: I say a woman, because despite my age, I reason very wisely! You can check it)

They respect the Capricorns determination, devotion, non-egoistic hard worker. Op is a certified nutcase!.

  • I dont know why these things are true but they really are. Please study Capricorn and the planet Saturn..
  • Leo or Aries? Who's the real BOSS!!
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  • Strongest Signs, Leo,Aries and Scorpio

I am about to break you..

  • its is one of astrologys biggest controversy who is the true leader is it aries or is it leo many astrologers and astrology books and other sources se.
  • 51 years old male from The South Siiide!!, See above^^^. Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war. Leo is ruled by the Sun, the greater luminary. Aries is always ready to do battle, while the Leo is ruled by their HUGE ego's. HUGE!!! The Leo women tend to be stronger than the men. Aries women are warrior gangsterettes! ~GM.
  • I think that Leo would win. Aries, while competitive, has insecurities that Leo is well aware of, and can play upon those, making Aries doubt themselves temporarily, thus, Leo thrusting ahead just by a hair finishing first. Like (0). July 10, at am # · Aries-warrior. Member. The Aries will win because a Leo.

Specifically, they're usually very secure people who trust who is stronger leo or aries their own competence, which makes them develop an ambitious personality in their working and srronger life. Therefore, these signs could be considered "more powerful" in a social sense, which does not necessarily mean dangerous zodiac signs. Moreover, they are one of the most attractive zodiac signs. People born under the sign of Scorpio are usually very critical, slightly arrogant and can be difficult to cope with on a daily basis. Im pisces wuo my brother and also he is one of my best friends. They make excellent leaders in politics as well as corporations.

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