Why do guys lie to their wives

why do guys lie to their wives
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9 Things Guys Lie About and Why

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DESCRIPTION: Typically, each self-deception is supported by one or more rationalizations, with each one bolstered by still more falsehoods. Okay, use some sense please Women are not like men and do not blame their husbands to the point of cheating. One why do guys lie to their wives, both midlevel executives, were worried about losing their jobs, but neither wanted to worry the other. The topic of trust is an important factor qhy all matters of the heart -- and here's why..

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Why Men Lie About Cheating… | HuffPost

For your mate, there is a huge difference between learning about your cheating when you remorsefully and voluntarily confess versus the following: He works all day as well and likely in a dangerous or hard job then he comes home and starts fixing the broken stuff. Learn more at PursuitOfPassionBook web site. The biggest denial of all! That is a really great question because it points out one of the common assumptions -- namely that a romantic liar is a fellow who is trying to con a woman out of her money or other material possessions.

Do All Men Cheat? One Relationship Expert Has a Theory On Who Does and Doesn't.

why do guys lie to their wives
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DePaulo of the University of Virginia found that when women lie, they tend to focus on making others feel better -- such as the woman who tells her hostess that dinner is "simply delicious" even as she cringes with every mouthful. Learning the truth helped the couple begin supporting instead of "protecting" each other..

  • Another sign is the presence of a lot of "impression management" -- you have an idea of what your partner is like, but you've never really had any of the information verified. Then over in this article, men who cheat are mostly just immature, selfish, impulsive, and confused..
  • Why Men Lie About Cheating…
  • Four lies married men tell to get into your laced panties
  • The Number 1 Reason Why Men Lie | HuffPost

In the first rush of romance it makes sense for a man to engage in exaggerated praise of a woman's beauty and sexuality..

  • Apr 13, - If my wife hadn't gained so much weight — or if she was nicer to me, . The man does not bother to lie or keep secrets about his cheating.
  • Apr 8, - Find out what secrets men are keeping from women. Find out what your husband's thinking, but would never tell you. Your husband may feel insecure if his masculine qualities, like physical . 8 "I lie to keep the peace.".
  • Feb 9, - Lies Everyone Tells You About Marriage But it's such a common topic, yet no one I know thinks their guy is the one who's cheating. and their wives cheated because the guys are emotionally lazy and can't communicate.”.

Telling the truth to a spouse is the first step toward showing that love is more important than lies. Everyday Health Emotional Health. Your description of them makes it seem as if they have no control over their own behavior. And we have a lot of trouble really understanding the way you think also. But here's the deal: There's no doubt about it.

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