Bruised vagina from pole dancing

bruised vagina from pole dancing
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Pole Dance Fails! (ouch, crotch shot!)

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DESCRIPTION: Not too much sensation ffrom be gained there, but it looks super pretty. When I tell him that happened in my job he was like " Oh yeah, I dont believe you ", bruised vagina from pole dancing I said I was pole dancing and that I was stripper. It started an addiction for me ; I like bedazzling my girlie bits now! I'm new too and I know exactly what you're saying!.

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Cleo's Rock N Pole

If they hit it or the nerve bundle it is extremly painful and will continue to be painful if jewelry is put in it. The lady looked at it in shock and asked what happenned. I will say though I will never be poling on my x pole naked those holes scare the hell out of me. XxMissPrissxX Kinda of off subject, but imcurious. She LOVED to tell stories about the pretty girls who came in thinking they were hot shit only to be defeated by the pole itself.

How Safe is Your Vagina from These 7 Deadly Afflictions?.

bruised vagina from pole dancing
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Your vagina should be treated the same as any other body part when injured. He already told me I'm not a good canidate for a fourchette which is the other I had been thinking about..

  • KittyNyanNyan I guess we're gluttons for punishment ; I'm going in to get my third this week haha! XxMissPrissxX I have always thought about getting the vertical hood..
  • If you understand and identify with the following, you are a pole dancer
  • Kitty, Meet Pole
  • How Safe is Your Vagina from These 7 Deadly Afflictions? | Shannon Bradley-Colleary

I used to have lats like batman..

  • Mar 18, - You've gotten into serious, heated debates over whether Spin Pole is fun or nauseating. You've bruised your vagina. And not in a good way.
  • Sex for pole dancers must go something like this: "Fine honey, but don't The doctor looked at me aaaaaall bruised and was telling me that I should a move on spinny mode, and came down screaming "OW MY VAGINA!!
  • May 10, - 10 Bat-S&*% Crazy—But Completely True—Vaginal Injury Stories. Guys make a big deal about even getting grazed in the ball area but, as most of us know all too well, vaginas are just as sensitive as dudes' junk when it comes to injury. My socked foot slips between the mattress.

It's actually a pretty pleasant process, all things considered. It brought tears to my eyes That I thought was the easiest and best excuse. I first noticed this phenomenon when I bruised vagina from pole dancing pushing my then 4-month old daughter in a jogging stroller and I tried to actually jog. I touched a pole the first time a few weeks later .

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