How to say i like u in french

how to say i like u in french
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How To Say "I LOVE YOU!" In 60 Different Languages

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DESCRIPTION: Hoq you remember those awkward moments when you really wanted to say something cool, and it all sort of came out wrong? But it will be reflected in more complex constructions that you can't sum up in a one to one locution translation. Create a new course from any lesson page or your dashboard..

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How to Say I Like You in French |

So, when you say, Je t'aime, the literal translation is 'I you love. Wok 1, 10 This phrase would most often be uttered in a context when the person has just done something really nice for you or really thoughtful. Want to learn more? Upgrade to Premium to enroll in Basic French: Earn certificates of completion.

How to Say, "I Like You," in French.

how to say i like u in french
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I think it is a good question, as it is more a matter of cultural conventions not a strictly linguistic discussion..

  • To learn more, visit our Earning Credit Page. I think you're nice Je t'adore..
  • How to Say I Like You in French
  • How to Say I Like You in French
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Choosing the correct French equivalent for the phrase is largely based upon the context in which you want to tell someone that you like them. What if you want to express strong emotion?.

  • Aug 18, - You can even say "Je t'aime", but you need non-verbal communication like intonation and gestures, or some context or background with the.
  • If you need to learn how to say, "I like you," in French, you are in luck, because there are several different expressions you can use to share this.
  • In this video we will learn how to say "I LIKE YOU" in French.

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