Hook up combo amp to cabinet

hook up combo amp to cabinet
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How to Use Guitar Amplifiers : Hooking Up a Guitar Amp to a Speaker Cabinet

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DESCRIPTION: How can I connect the cabinet so that I can use it kp the same time as the combo amps built in speaker? NOT an instrument cable. With a pair of pliers cut the wire connecting the amp and speaker..

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Connect a combo amp to a 4x12 cab.. Can it be done?

Seriously, I would never dream of turning my 15 watt amp all the way. Results 1 to 27 of Either by physically blowing them apart or if it falls on them. Originally Posted by eschertron. Check if the max wattage for the cab is higher then the combo output wattage.


hook up combo amp to cabinet
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It's all young professionals and DC types. Do the following steps for both the amp wires and the speaker wires..

  • Well, the voltage going to the speaker isn't V. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered..
  • Hooking a cabinet/speaker up to a combo.
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  • how to connect a combo amp to cabinet? - Ultimate Guitar

And everyone will ask you to turn down. Bass Guitars For Sale:.

  • the combo amp would need an external speaker jack for that I hook my 30watt Zinky Blue Velvet up to a Mesa Recto cab for massive  Will connecting a combo amp to cabinet be louder?
  • To make an amp louder by increasing the number of speakers. 2. So I have 2 combo amps that I want.
  • This is my how-to video for hooking up a guitar amp to a A Marshall Lead 4x12 speaker cabinet with.

If the amp is higher than the cab, hook up combo amp to cabinet run the risk of seriously damaging the amp. As g-one explains, all speakers will work. I think what you want to do will work, however the volume of the 16 ohm cab may not be as Loud as the combo. I've run it a lot through a 1x12 cabinet too, same cable. Share it with us!

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