Good reasons to stay in a relationship

good reasons to stay in a relationship
My name is Pat, 27 years: I am very romantic, honest and friendly people. I have a good sense of humor and I like to laugh a lot. I love to cook delicious meals, reading, watching movies. When I feel so relaxed walking along the beach or just sitting on the sand and enjoying the fresh air. I am very active lady, I love sports and try to keep myself in great shape..

Deciding To End A Relationship

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DESCRIPTION: But that very standard makes it hard for any long-term relationship to survive inevitable disappointments. I believe love is both a feeling and a behavior. Do you actively pursue common interests together, and does this enrich your relationship?.

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All You Need is One Good Reason to Stay

Back Find a Therapist. Research shows that we value the positive characteristics which our partners display more so than other characteristics Fletcher et al. Most problem areas in relationships are negotiable. Where did you find us? They reflect a large degree of compassion and patience that contrasts nicely with the lack of compassion and patience shown when rejecting people out of hand for minor flaws. Doing things by yourself can be very fulfilling for some, but many people like the idea of enjoying life with a partner. After we do notice the harmful behavior, it is easy to tell ourselves that these negative personality traits will change over time, whether we believe that we can change them ourselves or that the person will get better—once they fall in love with us.

10 Reasons to Stay With Your Partner (Even If You Want to Leave).

good reasons to stay in a relationship
My name is Rebecca, 25.: I am very responsible person, disciplined in anything I do, as well as very neat and clean lady. I am not a control freak, I just like to give my best in anything I do and after that what happens happens. :) I am very optimistic and easy going, honest, and always in the mood for some fun. I am a dancer so people who like sports and dancing have a big plus from me. I enjoy going to the dancing center and take care of my body, however that is not a must for a guy, everyone does whatever they feel like, I do not judge anyone :)

Often we have the energy to do things for others that we wouldn't do for ourselves. One of my favorite quotes about love and marriage comes from Oscar Wilde:.

  • The social psychology of groups. I Submitted by Moonlite on September 28, - 5:.
  • Relationship Distress – 10 Reasons to Stick With This Relationship
  • 1. Having a partner eases the turbulence in life
  • 4 Reasons Why We Stay With Partners Who Aren't Right for Us | Psychology Today

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  • Aug 24, - It can be tough to know the reasons to stay with stay with someone you love or decide you've given a relationship all you've got and that it's due to end. pictures and videos of the two of you to remember the good times.
  • If you're feeling the terrible pangs of relationship discontent, this one's for you. Reassess the partnership and you just might find a good reason to stay.
  • These are the most important reasons for staying the course. have serious problems in most of the 10 areas, this relationship is probably not a good fit for you.

Three familiar catch phrases that free us up to not work to bring a relationship back to a positive place. C ontemplate what you would give up with honesty and mindfulness. I stayed in abusive relationships with women because I was in love with them, and because it's hard to meet someone new that you connect with as you age. I kept thinking that he is a jn good guy and it will good reasons to stay in a relationship work out 'in the end'. A random act of love from your partner is beautiful.

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