Will bungie add matchmaking to destiny

will bungie add matchmaking to destiny
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Bungie Just Got Their Sneaky Scam Exposed With Destiny 2

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DESCRIPTION: Its not as easy as flipping a switch, also you say this now but if they did add it will bungie add matchmaking to destiny would hate it because of how crappy it would be. That is one place I porn white monster cock do not see mm being a viable thing. He got what is basically matchmaking and he's happy, you're now going to mock op for what he calls it? I think adding matchmaking to raids after a while makes sense..

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Stop being ignorant and add matchmaking for the raid and nightfall > Feedback | Forums | 2016uggbaileybuttonsale.us

Or at least put some better requirements on being a Guide, maybe both fireteam members need to have complete it before I understand this may create longer wait times Yeah I could use LFG but I would rather matchmake in game. They don't like the idea of just anyone being able to play end game content. You must be 13 years or older to use bungie. Sticking with this no matchmaking crap is either ignorance, arrogance or stupidity. A solo player can't just open his fireteam and allow 5 others to join. Matchmaking would just throw a lot of random ppl at you at random light levels and classes.


will bungie add matchmaking to destiny
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Both players were lower level than me and I don't see how they guided me through this and not the other way around. Shooting shiny objects that have zero connection to the narrative of the strikes, coupled with a timer with no explained reason as to why the boss had to be defeated in under X amount of time, coupled with the continued absence of matchmaking, and now nightfall exclusive gear?.

  • They're trying desperately to undo what they did with D1 but with people like Luke Smith at the helm, you can't expect common sense to reign supreme..
  • ADD MATCHMAKING TO NIGHTFALLS > Destiny | Forums | 2016uggbaileybuttonsale.us

LFGs and Guided Games are really the only stable platforms to look for raid groups, I am fine with matchmaking for the Nightfall but for raids just slumping 6 randoms together wouldn't work..

  • Sticking with this no matchmaking crap is either ignorance, has been moved to #Feedback forum so that other Destiny players can weigh in.
  • I think adding matchmaking to raids after a while makes sense. a videogame, forget it destiny is a lost cause and wont have matchmaking.
  • This is exactly why Destiny 1 FAILED!!! . to add matchmaking to the raids when it is so simple to find a group, create one or run with a clan.

Guided games is a half assed matchmaking. The only negative I could see with optional mm. I would just hope that bungue will bungie add matchmaking to destiny matchmaking would understand that odds of completing content adult sex games apps very small with a matchmade group. I say no to raid matchmaking for these very reasons. They will bungie add matchmaking to destiny NOT have to care about disgruntled customers, they ddestiny NOT have to care about traditionally laid out gaming caveats and they do NOT have to care about us at all. I can't wait to jump on the forms once it goes live. I hope all activities other than raid will have MM.

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