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My name is Samantha, 28 years: Every moment of life is the miracle for me; even if it brings shadows or unpleasant moments At least I accept it as the lessons of life what make me wisdom. I do love nature, the secrets of the sea, the quiet places in forests and parks, I love to look at the fire and think over everything..

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My name is Patti, 18.: Everyone's got their own idea of what a perfect life is. Some love speed, some love luxuries, some like power, some like respect. Sounds good, but as for me it's different... Have you even found yourself in a boat in the middle of the river fishing and relaxing? Then after having some caught fish, you are going to the shore and cooking it on fire? Collecting some crayfish near the waterline... I love a calm lifestyle. No rush, no fuzz... to go country and spend the weekend breathing the fresh air, swinging on the swing, listening to the birds' singing. I'd take you with me, get relaxed from the hustle and bustle of the city. Take some bottles of a good wine with us to have nice meals. Hunting, fishing, enjoying life. We might go hiking and sleep in the sleeping bags or in a tent:) hope you are not afraid of wild animals. If you have a feeling of adventure in your heart, I guess you are a right one for me.

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