Why dont i enjoy kissing or sex

why dont i enjoy kissing or sex
My name is Molly, 24 years: attractive nice girl, sociable, modest, talented, love to experiment. I love to cook tasty and healthy food..

What a Kiss Does to Your Brain

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DESCRIPTION: Let it get as hot as it needs to. I can't even imagine kissing the most attractive celebrities. I didn't find this much of a problem because it didn't cause me o harbor any bad feelings or anything. Is this something that will change over time, or am I alone in feeling this way? So it goes for kissing, too..

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Why we enjoy kissing even though it's gross - INSIDER

I, on the other hand, was much more into just chilling and cuddling. I've gotten used to tongue kissing. It's not like I didn't like kissing her- it's just that after a little while, my mind began to wonder. Personally I don't feel anything when I kiss my boyfriend, and believe me, I really love him. When you enjoy kissing someone, these receptors shoot signals to your brain, and you release chemicals like dopamine, which fuels your reward system, and makes you want to carry on kissing. Just tell future "dates" that you aren't a french kisser.

Here's the science behind why we enjoy kissing.

why dont i enjoy kissing or sex
My name is Eliza, 27.: My second name is kindness and tenderness!! Always a lot of smiles and joy are around me because I never feel blue; I see the life in the most vivid colors! Also, I am a responsible and sympathetic person. My heart is full of love, but it is still lonely. It is seeking and waiting the one who will gladly accept my care, my tenderness, my love, and my passion... All of me!!!

That you have never enjoyed a kiss, suggest a chemical incompatibility of some sort, with possible psychological elements. Too wet, wet, dry?.

  • I used to like kissing a lot, but my libido died down..
  • 'Kissing my boyfriend is a huge turn off. Can I be cured?'
  • Nobody really knows where kissing came from
  • Pucker problems, or: What can I do if I don't like kissing? | Scarleteen

I'm a 19 year old, straight female..

  • I can't speak for sexual/romantic people as a whole, but I do know a handful of people who enjoying kissing just for the sake of kissing. That's something that's hard for me to understand because I really dislike the sensation of kissing. I did it sometimes because, like you, I was hoping it would get better.I don't really like kissing my boyfriend.
  • Apr 17, - I participated in games of Spin the Bottle, made out with guys at college parties, and pushed through the kissing portion of foreplay so I could get to the sex, which I actually did like. Needless to say, my kissing style was drier than most. "Timid," one ex called it. "You don't open your mouth enough," he.
  • Mar 27, - Dr Petra Boynton, the Telegraph's sex and relationships expert, offers advice to a woman who says she hates kissing but doesn't want to hurt her partner's feelings. If you are thinking about why you don't like kissing, a good place to begin is to consider all the different ways (and places) there are to kiss.

I'm hoping that if I somehow get eont Prince Charming, I won't mind kissing him. I don't whj a brief kiss, but making out for a long period of time, even without tongue, I find to be both a turn off and boring. Like, what are we doing here? Petra cannot print answers to every single question submitted, but she does read all your emails. Move your lips to a cheek, to the throat, then back again.

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