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Cannabis or cure con? oil, Re:



  • Cannabis or cure con? oil, Re:
  • What is cannabis oil and how does it work?
  • It’s natural, man
  • I have read of miraculous cures contributing to the us of cannabis oil, we're talking about over different diseases - so it's not one cure, but. Concentrated liquid extracts from marijuana plants are becoming more blogs and anecdotes claim that cannabis oils can cure whatever ails. Rick Simpson oil is a type of cannabis oil that contains high levels of THC, If you're interested in using cannabis for cancer or to treat the side.

    Cannabis or cure con? oil, Re:

    A review by the National Academy of Science looked at over 10, studies. They found evidence for some applications of cannabis, including managing chronic pain and spasms associated with multiple sclerosis.

    There was also good evidence that tetrahydrocannabinol THC , the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, can reduce the nausea caused by chemotherapy.

    Indeed, a synthetic form of THC, called dronabinol, has been prescribed for just this use for decades. But, crucially, there is zero evidence that cannabis has any curative or even helpful impact on cancer , despite enthusiastic claims to the contrary.

    Why then is there such a gulf between public perception and scientific evidence? Part of this is misunderstanding. For example, an often aired claim is that high-dose THC kills cancer cells in a petri dish. This is true, but not very meaningful.

    Killing cells in a dish is extremely easy; you can do so with anything from heat to bleach. But effective anti-cancer agents must be able to selectively kill cancer cells in the human body while sparing healthy ones. The reality is that cannabis simply cannot do this. Arsenic, plutonium and cyanide are also natural, yet it would be a poor strategy to binge on these substances.

    The active compounds of many drugs are themselves discovered in plants, synthesised to control the dose and maximise efficacy. We already have THC-derived medicines, but these do not cure cancer, and neither does cannabis.

    This is abject nonsense. Such a conspiracy would be massive and would rapidly collapse. The idea that researchers would be callous enough to suppress a cancer cure, and the rewards that would go with it, is ludicrous. The reality is that cancer is a complex family of disease, and it is unlikely that there will ever be a single cure. Three reasons why scientific advice on drugs is ignored. An ingredient in cannabis may be useful for treating psychosis — new study.

    Both contain too much THC to administer to children. Cannabis oil can only be sold legally in Britain if it contains less than 0. If the EMA approves Epidiolex, it could be available to prescribe to named patients in Britain next year, Brexit notwithstanding. Europe is a patchwork of cannabis legislation. Other European nations are following suit. In the US, at least 29 states allow medical uses of cannabis, and earlier this year, California became the eighth state to permit recreational use of the drug, too.

    What is cannabis oil? How is it different to cannabis? Does it work as a medicine? Is cannabis oil illegal? Is it legal in other countries?

    What is cannabis oil and how does it work?

    Cannabis is in the headlines for its potential medical benefits after the Cannabis plant extracts (known as hemp or CBD oils) are available in. Many people are claiming that cannabis oil is a miracle cure for conditions like epilepsy, cancer, diabetes and multiple sclerosis, especially. Cannabis oils are extracts from cannabis plants. high that recreational cannabis users seek, while oils for medical use contain mostly CBD.

    It’s natural, man


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