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  • Regarding the regulation of cannabis under the laws of Hong Kong, will Internet of food products or drinks containing THC is against the law;. (For those who have never heard of cannabidiol, it is a constituent of in Hong Kong and i reasonably believe possessing CBD in HK is illegal. Try pot, Hongkongers told “We're obviously not allowed by law to prescribe cannabidiol products to our patients, even though In Hong Kong, CBDs are currently not being considered for use by the city's medical chiefs.

    in Is HongKong : legal Hong Kong? cannabidiol

    The Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance Cap. And according to the Department of Health, there are no registered pharmaceutical products containing cannabis or any constituents of cannabis in Hong Kong at present. However, some people in Hong Kong are using cannabis for medical purposes.

    Lee Siu-ming not his real name , has been suffering from chronic depression and post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD since Lee says he was taking drugs including marijuana, ketamine, ice and ecstasy and got into trouble for his behaviour when he was at school in Hong Kong. This resulted in his being sent to the controversial Elan School in the United States to undergo a behaviour modification programme. They cooperate together to make you worth nothing.

    The school was closed down in After quitting the programme, Lee suffered from mental illness and was sent to a hospital in the US. After a couple of months he came back to Hong Kong and his condition worsened, such that he would not leave his home and refused to see anyone. All he could do was try to forget the dreadful memories with the help of cigarettes and computer games. He has been taking anti-depressants for 16 years now, but he stressed that he only takes pills when his symptoms are obvious as they numb his body and his mind.

    One day Lee discovered marijuana could help ease his symptoms. As an advocate of the legalisation of marijuana, Kief says the drug should be distinguished from synthetically produced psychoactive substances because it is a natural herb. And he accuses the media and the government of scare-mongering by lumping it in with addictive synthetic drugs.

    Despite his efforts, Kief thinks awareness of the relative safety and the purported benefits of marijuana are still low. In the meantime, he says many Hong Kong people suffering from mental disorders have contacted him to ask for further information on using marijuana to treat their illnesses.

    However, psychiatrist Tsang Fan-kwong, is vehemently opposed to the use of marijuana for medical purposes. When there are other medications that are more effective, why use cannabis?

    Tsang says there are no grounds for doctors to prescribe marijuana in Hong Kong either medically or legally. The risk is much greater than the benefit so it should not be called some benefit. Some experts have pointed out that even in the areas where there is strong evidence that marijuana is beneficial, newer generations of legal drugs have also been shown to be at least as effective, and with fewer side effects than older medicines.

    Also, Tsang is afraid that more people will be diagnosed with drug-induced psychosis if medical marijuana is legalised. Periscope December — Space Hunt. No Place for Fallen Trees. Wearing Colours from Nature. All Hong Kong Life Focus. Havens for the Strays. Best of Both Worlds. Back to the Cold Weapon Era. CBD is believed to have strong medical benefits.

    Ruairi Kavanagh is a journalist, editor and author with over 25 years experience across multiple specialised sectors including medical publishing, personal wellbeing, education, security, defence and international relations.

    He works with the team at CannabizDaily. You must be logged in to post a comment. Cannabis News and Updates. Surgeon General recommends reclassification of cannabis January 8, Cannabis smoking is associated with higher sperm count February 6, Oh wow, cannabis-based composite in x-ray scanners can… January 31, CBD and Insomnia January 16, All About Cannabichromene Part 2 February 7, All About Cannabichromene Part 1 February 7, What Are The Benefits of Cannabinoids?

    Infographic October 12, CBD can ease chemotherapy-induced nausea according to Guelph… August 6, What is cannabigerol CBG and what does it… February 15, Small study finds that cannabis oil with THC… August 2, Mum of toddler with rare sickness seeks Irish… June 5, Home Hemp Shares in Hong Kong pharmaceutical firm soar after issuing shares to China-based hemp producer to explore medical cannabis.

    China hemp Hong Kong investment Meilleure Yunnan. RJ Kavanagh Ruairi Kavanagh is a journalist, editor and author with over 25 years experience across multiple specialised sectors including medical publishing, personal wellbeing, education, security, defence and international relations.

    Will Massachusetts be home to the first cannabis cafe in the U. You may also like.

    What Is CBD Oil and How Is It Produced?

    As a result, no marijuana was allowed on the premises and local authorities “ Chinese investors are into cannabis so Hong Kong was a natural choice to offer a new way for advertisers to connect with young Hongkongers. Find out what is legal, what is not, and the truth about taking drugs and marijuana in Hong Is Cannabis or Marijuana Legal in Hong Kong?. Hi, I was reading an article about inhaling cannabis oil for medicinal Does anyone know if it's legal in HK and where it could be bought in HK.

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