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  • IS AND and quite THIS clever BREXIT it Brexiteers SOLUTION Remoaners happy… keeps
  • Don’t read this if you’re easily offended. It’s about Brexit.
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  • It's just interesting to see the Daily Express give it a positive review, because I can't see how it does give the ardent Brexiteers all that much to. THIS BREXIT SOLUTION keeps Brexiteers AND Remoaners happy and it IS quite clever - Express. 1 day ago Daily Express:: News Feed THIS BREXIT SOLUTION keeps Brexiteers AND Remoaners happy and it IS quite clever Sun, 10 Feb

    IS AND and quite THIS clever BREXIT it Brexiteers SOLUTION Remoaners happy… keeps

    Do not categorise all pro-Remain supporters as remoaners or snowflakes etc. How many times do these dumb fucks have to be told, that it is not up to them whether they get the permission to delay it or not? It also applies when saying they'll join Norway style deal. They haven't been invited to that either. Can't blame them really. British media make these claims too. This is the same proposal as was being reported in the Guardian: It's just interesting to see the Daily Express give it a positive review, because I can't see how it does give the ardent Brexiteers all that much to be happy about.

    It takes no deal off the table and opens up a clear path to remaining. Given a bad deal would threaten the future of the EU in return for benefiting a country that has chosen to adopt the same status as powerhouse European countries like Serbia and Moldova. Judging by the readers comments in the Express, they don't seem to be very happy about it at all!

    Farage has already threatened violence if he does not get a full on hard Brexit, as have many Daily Express readers - and this does not look like a solution to that. So beware, turbulences ahead. You will have to weather many a storm in the next two years and I wish you a safe voyage and a happy return.

    It is a privilege to be a guest in the English language. I leave the last word to Ian Kershaw:. The future lay open. But amid the lasting scars, physical and moral, of the most terrible war of all time, possibilities were emerging of a more stable and prosperous Europe that could ever have been imagined within living memory, in the decades when the continent had come close to self-destruction.

    And then she insisted on telling me!!!! She said that she had voted to leave because her Nan had been evacuated from London during the war and her parents were killed in the Blitz. I know WW2 was awful, but the people involved are not the people here today. A beautifully phrased piece of polemic which has brightened my day. Brexit will ruin all us boomers have tried to achieve over the past 40 years. To think that this has happened on our watch is truly appalling. But the greedy, feckless, racist, xenophobic chancers who put this scam together have nothing to do with us, The criminals have been plotting for years.

    Their lies will catch them out. As long as we join forces. Our sons and daughters have always held our greatest hopes. We can defeat these crooks. Have faith that we can work togetherto find the solution and that the Europeans will help us. They are as sick of this fiasco as we are.

    The solution is pretty simple, if you can manage it and not all can. Get out of this country, and be free of its class system, corruption and weird because the evidence points in the opposite direction superiority complex. I always thought the most apt comparison is Argentina, 9th world economy pre WWI, then decline into a basket case.

    Seriously — look into it. This is the ultimate game of divide and rule. We are heading to a one party state with no opposition and no moderating influence of Europe. The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.

    The society that Thatcher tried to destroy will be destroyed totally to be replaced by hate, greed and lawlessness. What on earth will happen to peace in Ireland?

    This Yes Minister fragment goes around in Europe: A weak and unstable Europe will be damaging for the UK in any case. That should have been also a consideration to remain. We should never have joined this club in the first place. De Gaulle was correct to refuse us! Hi Emma, Fucking love this blog piece. Great piece Emma, Katie. Though I am over 60 and very pro EU! If only the electorate had done their homework!

    The issues involved were far too complex for most people to understand. I am lucky to live near Vince Cable the best MP this area ever had! My constituency voted firmly to remain, but tragically our new Tory MP not my choice!! We cannot allow this madness to wreck this once proudly diverse nation! Rod is also righthe when he says it will only happen if we let it happen. I am looking for people with ideas.

    Please, do not lump all the baby boomers together. I am one and I am horrified at the thoughts of Brexit, not for me but for my children and grandchildren.

    This Tory government cares not a jot for anyone except themselves and their moneyed pals. This is going to end very badly for the country. What we got was lazy politics and a public also too lazy to think for itself or who were unable to fathom out what were the realities.

    I am vexed by my belief in democracy and what should or can happen now, a second chance seems a great idea at the moment! Yes, I absolutely take that on the chin. This is an interesting article about not blaming baby boomers: However, we do need to face up to the fact that there are real issues facing people in this country which have not been addressed by the political establishment in any meaningful way for years. These have been allowed to fester away until along comes the Leave campaign with a message that leaving the EU will solve all the problems.

    For 30 years we have moved to a low wage economy for unskilled or manual work, while at the same time shrinking the opportunities for that sort of labour. We have reached a point where people who want to pay rent and raise a family cannot do so on the wages on offer. Hence the need for an itinerant immigrant workforce who can take advantage of the jobs because of the cost of living disparity between the U.

    That is what taxes are for, and everyone, rich or poor plus companies trading here need to pay their fair share, each according to their means.

    We, and an increasing number of Leave voters know this was a complete fallacy … but to defeat the campaign we need to come together behind a unified political force with real alternative policies which can and would tackle these issues.

    A cross-party coalition would be a start. I hope it happens. Eventually, I believe it will. Brexit makes me swear like a sailor on a daily basis so no offence taken there.

    Nobody would of voted for a power grab by some over privileged posh boys whose intention was to fulfil their predatory capitalist wank fantasy, if that had been on the ballot card.

    Where was the manifesto that detailed what leaving meant? Yet much of the great unwashed have extraordinary confidence in the quixotic ambitions of these Dr. This is a fantastic piece and I agree with every word here. Thank you for expressing it so eloquently. Well written I agree. Change the baby boomer bit my parents are of that generation but old hippies and voted remain.

    Also the fact that Europeans working and paying tax in the U. And British expats living in Europe should have been given a vote as it directly affects them! On a positive every day a Brexiteer dies a remainer is born. As a 59 year old and a baby boomer just, I voted to stay, mainly because we were not told the full implication of leaving, the arguements were too wishy washy not convincing no meat! There was a higher than average turnout for the vote Should it even be just one party that has the responsibility of taking us out?

    The government amended the rules on striking: They should have made constitutional amendments fair for working people too. Have worked in other European countries for most of my life! I would have voted Remain if like any other demovratic EU country I had been allowed to vote for the Parliament of my coutry until I died! I am as angry as you! I agree with most of your points! Why did you bring baby boomets into this?! They were far happier with their comfortable life of expenses and pensions whatever happened to their country.

    The referendum was an insult to any sincere thinking person! Regional cities are wealthier and have a better quality lifestyle than those in England, — being supposedly 5th richest in the world! I mention baby boomers because of this: I based my opinion on stats, not prejudice.

    But I absolutely agree that not all boomers voted in the same way. Mark Twain said that if voting made any difference they would not allow us to do it. I am a baby boomer and voted to remain as did most of my baby boomer friends. The media were responsible for the outcome as much as anything. Look around you and see how many buy the Mail or The Sun — these poisonous organs should be eliminated, though without them their readers would be rather like headless chickens, not knowing which way to vote.

    I agree that the younger generation should have had a say in the decision — they will have to live with it. Nice to meet you too! I am sick of the blame for this being laid at the door of the baby boomers. Neither I nor any of my baby boomer friends voted for this crock of shit.

    As far as the people I speak to goes, it was the thirty and forty somethings who got us in this mess. Hey, Kevin it was nothing personal! See my comment below for sources suggesting baby boomer Brexit voting patterns. I am a Baby Boomer — born Believe me I voted to Remain Yes I am comfortably off thanks to a working life and although I am a bit of an Anglophile I could see that we are better in than out.

    Fighting from within the EU is the only way forward. Cameron failed to get a decent deal for us but he should have kept at it.

    I hope the baby boomer idiots who voted leave are proud of themselves. I agree with you completely. As for swearing I was left disappointed as I was expecting a Malcom Tucker inspired tirade!

    I do feel sorry for the baby boomers who have come on here who did not vote to leave. Sadly however although they personally are not responsible their generation largely is. Although turnout was pathetic in the younger demographic. I think enforced voting should have taken place. Age is the other great fault line. I will never get over that statistic it will haunt me forever and will be used to prove to youngsters who is to blame for this mess. Yes if they had turned out in greater numbers it would have been closer, maybe even enough.

    If yr olds who will be greatest affected by this had been allowed — forced even to vote then it might have been enough. I agree with the sentiments expressed in your blog.

    Thanks for this, Cathy. If you read my replies above below?? We were sold down the river at the very beginning, and been sold down the river again! As for that lier Johnson, he should be sacked for the things he promised, and he knew it was lies!

    The whole thing stinks!!!! I agree with everything apart from the Baby boomers comments as I am one of them and I voted to remain, my view is the referendum was badly managed for the following reasons:. It was too close therefore it divides the country.

    Polls have no real correlation to what people actually voted, they are just a small percentage in 1 place. Brian — it was not a majority. If they were included then my expectation is that leave was NOT a majority. If those EU citizens who have permanently settled here, married, have children, worked for decades etc..

    I agree with so much more of what you say. Great article, had me laughing gallows humour??? Not sure how that one works tbh. And in the same breath, May is also saying: THIS is fucking awesome…channeling all the rage and anger I also feel about this sorry mess, and I speak as a baby boomer pissed off with the ignorant twats who voted for collective suicide on the basis of a populist koolaid laced with economic ignorance.

    Emma, I have nothing to say other than you have totally hit the fucking nail on the fucking head! Brilliantly written and explained… Thank you! Another furious and frustrated senior remain voter. The vast majority of my similarly aged friends also voted remain. However friends of my thirty-something son, those who bothered to vote voted to leave. My son was absolutely in the minority among his peers for voting to stay.

    Hi Helen, if you read the comments above below?? In Parliament, the tories have the overall majority, so the Opposition there was never going to be outstanding, with only one tory reneging, the inimitable Ken Clark, otherwise their whip held firm. It was a tory proposed fight, they promised the Referendum, they led both sides, they wrote the theme tune. Labour was split by constituencies, and ultimately that was the reason for their non-communal response.

    One mistake they did make in my view, was to not give Labour MPs a free vote. Other than that, they did their best in a fight between the tories, and they still queue up to vote tory! We are all to blame to some extent. The Tories were to keen to hold on to power so gave in to their nasty right wing. They also cocked up the referendum arrangements. All Governments have allowed inequality to reign.

    The EU has much about it that is brilliant but some stuff that corrupted it — the lies and bad behaviour that went on to keep the euro afloat and get new members is an example.

    They were also intransigent and in denial about the need for some change. I also am annoyed that my vote counted but by the time all the negotiations are completed 5 years?

    One other thing — the people who ballsed up the referendum negotiations first time round and who failed to set sensible tipping points for change are the ones who are still in charge — so will they do any better second time round? My final observation is that May and co were very weak like Cameron. What staggering hypocrisy — who exactly now knows what is on the table and yet we just jumped in both feet first. In Brussels it seems that our politicians havemoved into the penthouse suite before finishing the foundations.

    Well, Emma, I can see why the BBs are throwing their toys out of the pram! Different times, different problems. I have bad bad feelings about not-so-great Britain since Brexit. More like completely fucked Britain.

    I voted to Remain, and would again. Will I get the chance? My feeling now is if anyone can afford to leave fucked-up Britain, do so now and start a new life somewhere else. I would very much like to leave what I believe is coming, to the morons who voted for it.

    I live in a proud Wales, and have done so for the last 20 years. Yes, perhaps some of these aforementioned peoples may not have a vast understanding of the idealistic huggy-lovy reach-over-the-channell propensities of many of us, but their choice is just as valid.

    The Sun is a veritable receptacle of shit-fuck-crap-merde-cacca-shise, BUT, so is the fucking Guardian. Whose propaganda is more righteous?? The righteous to the left against the ignoramus on the right? The virtue-signalling madness of many LibLabbers have even swayed JC Not Jesus Christ into pretending to be a long-standing friend of the EU, only to see the Party half destroyed by this morbid game of chicken. Had everyone kept their boundary-crossing star-circled hearts inside their sleeve, we may have a strong Labour party, maybe even IN power unbelievable, hey?

    It is the Fourth Reich. Just ask the Southern European counties what they think of the institution you have so eloquently eulogised here. Time to wake up. A commie that supports the Fascist SuperState?? The Commission of the reich?? Lenin is shitting himself in his grave. Lets check out some stats on the advisory referendum: Once again you see Apart from Scotland — who understandably want to keep both EU grants AND Barnet formula grants people in the cities were most likely to remain.

    Look at the stats of where the votes to remain were highest. This points to me to be elitist, wealthy areas that want to preserves their jobs and assets and the status quo.

    A place with a high concentrated volume of people who think a similar way, educated a similar way and have decent jobs. They might have believed just about every global leader, economist, celebrity and government minister who signed up to project fear, They worried about big global corporations, banks, industry in Thames Valley and London might withdraw to continent.

    This directly affects their lives, their house prices. BUT to these people: In contrast this would have a relatively limited effect on, for example, people living in Doncaster, poor nothern towns, the countryside, and fishing ports.

    These people were desperate, facing austerity, higher taxes on fags and booze, a bleak future for young or just apathetic to the idea that they should be grateful to all the immigrants propping up the country to support them. Nobody from any major UK part of the EU was appealing to them..

    Their main concerns are affordable housing, reasonable schools and healthcare. They literally had nothing to lose by voting out. I would also add to this your generalisation of the elder generations and baby boomers.

    Many of which we know are suffering hardship, suffering in care homes, and hit by a double whammy of decades of an underfunded NHS but growing demand for services due to UK population increases. And ironically they were still likely clinging on to that now nasty and outdate concept of British Patriotism.

    Every is single local authority remain. How do I edit my post? I left a sentence hanging in mid air… lol. Anyway, Hasta Queen Victoria Siempre! The general trend towards older voters voting Leave is clear and backed up by the statistics. I am a Remainer from Wales and although it really hurts to say it, it is not inaccurate to say that the Welsh voted when taken as a group to leave.

    I believe it is important to keep making the point about the demographic disparity in voting patterns, precisely because it gives substance to the claim that the young have been robbed of a future that on the whole they wanted. Opposing Brexit itself might be a lost cause, but I sure as hell do not agree with where that leaves us and would want to ensure that there will be a continual movement to re-join Europe.

    You sound like a typical leftist who is not prepared to accept any point of view unless,of course, it is the same as yours. I believe that in a few years time you will have nothing to worry about because the EU will have imploded. Do you think you could manager on that. You must always remember that, in the first place, the U. Your last paragraph shows your ignorance and your lack of British and European political history! A unified Europe is much stronger and better than individual countries with borders.

    Is it hard to achieve? Yes, Does it have challenges and road bumps? Is it years or decades away? To me this is the European ideal. Hiding behind reconstituted sovereignty here in Britain, we are not going to escape this vortex that will be created by a potential collapse of the EU. The shock waves of such an economic collapse will be felt across Europe and around the globe as our financial and banking system is interconnected, especially for a country like Britain with enormous financial and trading ties with the EU in or out of it.

    You are looking at a huge dividing line, like a new Berlin wall, this time between France and Germany running down the Rhine and across the Alps.

    The Germanic lands, anything east of the Rhine are going to become deflationary because of the new Deutch mark that will depreciate, the rest of Europe is going to be stagflationary with a combination of high inflation and high unemployment. Do you really believe that Britain is going to be unaffected by this!?

    That Britain is going to sail in across the Atlantic in the land of gold under every rainbow and unicorns?! You are in for a hard awakening! Boris, Gove, Farage etc. They are charlatans, three card tricksters. Then we come to May the unelected. Supposedly a remainer though if you remember her run ins with Brussels while she was Home Sec. Well played TM the PM, you put your own ambition ahead of the good of the nation — and sadly that cop out Corbyn is out of the same egg.

    Only one thing I would add, regarding the NHS promise. Nigel Farage was on breakfast TV the day after the referendum. I have watched breakfast TV about 6 times in my whole life. I watched that morning because I was fuming and wanted to see what was going on. He withdrew one of the Leave campaigns most potent tagline promises displayed on the side of a bus and all over the Internet, TV and papers for weeks if not months. It occurs to me that as individuals we have the protection of the mental capacit act when making important decisions such as taking out loans, insurance etc and it is the responsibility of those providing the service, such as a loan, that we have the mental capacity to do so.

    They also have a responsibility to ensure that any decision in such a context is based on full and accurate information that the person can understand and believe, retain, weigh in the balance and finally that they can then communicate their decision.

    Substituting the UK population for the individual, arguably the criteria for Brexit being a valid capacitious decision would not be met. U can manage that very well without our help. Thank god we nearly have our country back. The first paragraph of the blog is quite explicit about the foul language.

    What a load of reactionary tosh. Stop believing the Daily Mail and Farage etc who have created a sense of outrage where there was none for their own interests. What a pity you never once mentioned the true reason for Brexi. I sat on the fence by the way as I see the benefits of either choice.

    The whole problem with Europe has always been that it can never agree. Every country only seeks to benefit itself never the whole entity. They all agree rules then ignore them we never seemed to work that bit out here. Yes it was a tight vote and yes some bits will end up better for us and some worse.

    But please can we all stop bitching about a democratic vote we may not have agreed with and just get on with life! Who gives a fuck what you think??

    Too late to be crying into your eco-latte now, love. And, like those examples, it will shortly be history. I particularly enjoyed the part about Scotland and their next vote for independence. And I say that as a Baby Boomer remain voter!

    Actually, this is not quite right. Have voted Tory all my life but never again, to be honest I hope that the Conservative Party is brought down by this, it does in reality have a significant UKIP caucus which needs to go its own way. Trying to change anything in this country is difficult because of the electoral system, which really needs to have a proportional element.

    Passionate and devistated Remainer me — Ashamed of my generation with this. That means ashamed of a lot of my friends. Happy that my family all agree at all generation levels except the mother-in-law. There must be a joke in there somewhere! But I loved your blog all the same, expressed my feelings exactly! I agree with every word you say and I am 67!

    I voted to go into the eu and despite its faults want to stay in. Hey Tilly, thanks for commenting. But you do accept that many baby boomers voted to Leave? The stats are there for all to see. I live in the North, but where I live in Trafford, we voted strongly to Remain. But the North was largely a Leave area. But a lot did! And please spell Elizabethan right. Hi Jan — please read my comments below giving links to stats about baby boomer Brexit voters.

    Thanks for spotting the typo. Have a good day now. Thank you for the blog Emma.. There are quite a few baby boomers who, like me, live in Europe. I have lived in Luxembourg long enough not to be allowed to vote in the referendum.

    Many of my younger British colleagues have not been away from the UK long enough yet to have lost their vote. I wonder if that accounts for some of the age-skew in the voting. I am still angry, not so much about the result, but about the fact that I had no say in the matter. I am seriously worried about my pension rights, and my right to live in the country that has been my home for the past 24 years. Hey Kevin — thanks for taking the time to comment. Interestingly, the comments here on my blog have been mainly reasonably polite.

    Like you, I read the same statistics about how the vote broke down in terms of age — and if I make a sweeping statement or get my facts wrong then please someone, feel free to correct me. But without being aggressive behind an anonymous screen.

    Not a baby boomer, voted leave and believe all will be well, to the same extent you think the country will go to Hell In a handcart. Not my article, but replying to you all the same.

    I do think there was a lot of nonsense from both sides and that the referendum was thrown together last minute by people who wanted to further or save their political careers. That said, I can see why people did choose leave given the evidence presented, while disagreeing with their choice. You mention that 16 million people are going to get fucked up the arse, but spare a thought for those that voted Leave. Because the 17 million were misled, and they are not going to get what they voted for any more than the Remainers are going to get to stay in the EU.

    You dont mention the elevated levels of racism in East Europe, in ie before any mention of Referendum. Could it be that UK awareness of issues elsewhere, in different languages, in newspapers we have never seen, with politicians we have never heard of, does not register.

    As one of the larger, richer, countries, we have had an easy ride, but austerity has taken us down a notch or two. Other countries have had the same, but being poorer, smaller, they have suffered. But we dont hear about Greece selling off its mining rights, to stay afloat.

    That is not reported in English, so we ignore it. We are not NEXT on the list, but the entire flotilla of countries are tightly bound, and we are all being manipulated into another credit crunch, or whatever they have planned. Then the next crisis, promotes the EU parliament, and president to have actual power.

    Cos, you know, employers will employ stupid fuckers and pay them loads now instead of choosing the best qualified candidates as usual. That was US, that was, not a bunch of Facebook Warriors talking shit from the safety of their keyboards in basement rooms while their aged parents keep them and feed them. I really hope it made you feel more empowered in your life. Can I just say Emma that you have made my day!

    The final para is of great import — and a cause for great concern. You know, the ones you published over the years, well before Brexit was even voted on. Because there is nothing worse than someone who only demands change after something has gone horrible wrong for them. And all of a sudden they give a shit and are full of advice.

    Yes…Literally nothing worse… Because all the bad stuff I see happening globally did not happen in a vacuum, or overnight. Issues were ignored by those who claim to be smarter than their adversaries, until after the tipping point came.

    Things I am passionate about, I am pro-active about. Or I know I risk people not taking me seriously. That is one lesson no-one needs a higher education for. Because until you can show it to me, I point blank refuse to take you seriously.

    Have yourself a good day now, you tantalisingly anonymous spirit of light, you. We were however, the luckiest generation ever in my opinion — we had it all.

    So, for the life of me, why do we NOT want the same for our children and their children??? The UK is so screwed. I own a pretty big website dedicated to helping people recover from morbid obesity, and exercise options for people with life threatening muscle wasting conditions. I also expose corrupt academics who make money off peoples suffering whilst offer no practical help. Those fake experts I love so much.

    I take my hat off to you — that sounds like fantastic, productive work. I wish you all the very best. Thanks for taking the time to contact me. Less than a quarter of eligible voters opted to leave and many of those were protest votes from people who presumed it would never pass. Others learned soon after that the big red bus was a lie, along with other promises. If a second referendum were held today, I have no doubt we would see a very different result.

    A key point for me that is the public must be well informed for a vote to be democratic. We were all deliberately mis-informed. By the press and the government itself. All elections have some exaggeration, but this referendum was in another league altogether — Government ministers were given free rein by their party to lie to the population. They knew they would not be held accountable and they were right the government and press have done little about this — in fact some of the culprits have been promoted.

    Where were the for and against for both sides provided by the government? I agree with everything, and I understand about the language. Sometimes there really are no other words. Thank you Emma for your words straight out of my mouth bad language as well! This utopia of a golden empire again that was fed to us by yet another monster the Tory press drugged on the ecstasy of a great all powerful production line of UK products and services that is never ever going to happen.

    So yes we all need to vent our feelings however we can this sceptred isle has become a septic Isle filled with hate and division.. A very interesting piece. For the record my boomer parents both voted to remain, although my dad has huge reservations about the EU itself. I was a remainer and am not happy about the result, although I respect differences of opinions. I can totally see why people voted out when they were told that the money would be ploughed back into our hospitals, etc.

    I am, however, pissed off with the way the referendum was handled, as if it was a public school boy spat. Likewise Cameron gave every impression of a highly-educated man with no common sense — fancy going for a simple majority to effect a big constitutional change! I hope that Ms May will at least offer a second referendum on terms negotiated and that the country gets all the facts.

    Facts are more people voted to leave, end of. Sounds more like sour grapes to me. We managed fine before we were in the EU and we will manage again but without being told what to do by other countries. I think people got the biggest shock of their lives because people got off their butts and voted for a change because they were sick of where this country is heading.

    Does anyone know of somewhere we can rally? Then, when the term of leaving are published we can lobby for a referendum, and everyone should REALLY know what they are voting for. If a second referendum is not on the cards, then a political movement that stands at the next general election, where the candidates clearly stand for the single issue: Remain or re-join As mentioned above, Nick Clegg says a lot of reasonable stuff accepting that when he was in a coalition he had to compromise and make some very hard choices!

    I voted to stay. I tried and failed to make friends voting out to realise that they were doing so with blinkers on. One of my big concerns are about human rights. In particular, the laws regarding workers rights. Minimum wage, holiday entitlements, maternity leave and all the other rules iimplemented to meet with EU regulations, all rules that hit the pockets of the employers. There are many other worries about leaving but with me being 62 this year and still not getting my pension because of that change and not working, and hubby being 54 and a care worker on 31 hours on the so called living wage, it all worries me.

    You talk about baby boomers…of course they choose out…because they know the EU turned into something they never wanted. To you the EU has delivered a lifestyle you enjoy, and immigration has no direct impact on your life or circumstance.

    The vote happened, it was fair, you are in the minority…now deal with it. And definitely not too much swearing, considering the shit the UK is in!

    It would be great if you could use your soap box to get some real information out to people. How about explaining to people what the EU budget is spent on? How laws are made in the EU?

    How the UK is, and always has been, sovereign? How Brexit, far from bringing back control, will mean we have less control no say in the direction of the EU, or its laws, but as a trading partner and neighbour obliged to follow and put-up with the consequences? That the arguments about immigration were deeply flawed? How the Euro, far from being a disaster, is an important world currency? How UK finances especially consumer debt are deeply troubling?

    Sorry, but that is a load of bollocks. I voted remain and am not happy about leaving, but ONLY because we are the first to leave and have no idea how this is going to pan out. Sorry but those who continue to moan are just being pathetic, suck it up and lets make the best of this. If we get out and that is a bit IF , you can always vote for another party that will simply take us back in and again!

    At the age of 64 I voted Remain. The morning after, I skipped shocked and distressed, and went straight to angry, and I am still there!!!! I am so annoyed that anyone is still taking notice of the so called polls that have given the results of how the age groups voted, most of the polls were of just a few thousand persons some were on the telephone and I know what happens when I get phone calls asking for me to participate in a survey. This was just such a small sample to the actual numbers that voted that it was just worthless.

    All the over 65 year old people I know voted to remain, this statement is true but should not be continually quoted unlike the crap that the pollsters and statisticians came up with and seems to be driving everyone even those who were and still are staunch remain supporters. Figures can make any subject look good depending on their stats and figures! EG Positive the glass is half full, Negative the glass is half empty! I think we should all wait till its done. The Country voted to leave, the PM is getting the best possible deal she can from a union which is all ready itself in the final death throws of a united Union!

    Spot on blog thanks! Brexit amounts to a political coup nothing less. Our european citizenship stolen from us by the bigots of the tory right and that rag bag ukip.

    I also see the EU failing in the near future too and would always suggest getting out of something ahead of the bigger problem. We have strength in this country. We can believe in ourselves, but liberalism has taken over and softened us. Politics has become extremely ugly in the last twenty years. Money and greed is the bigger problem that affects us beyond the politics.

    Hereby, getting distracted with the underlying issue, blowing out hot air is doing nothing but aiding and abetting what is really going on. My point, my belief and my entitlement to say so, without expletives.

    I wonder how you people will vote in the future? They seriously have messed up looking after our assets, our NHS, our schools, our jobs, our retirement considering they are the jobs they are employed to do. This has been getting worse way before Brexit ever came along. We need to pull together fast because all the hot air is not going to resolve anything and action needs to be taken in the future with positive outlooks and real prospects.

    I have really had enough of constant bickering, arguing, hostility and anger. It is system driven and extremely distracting. It really is time to focus on what confronts us and how we can get involved in that and make the future ours collectively. It is a Union of three countries, and part of a fourth. Currently joined together by two international treaties.

    Oof, and there you are again. Same sentiment, slightly different words. Showing an enviable level of linguistic versatility there, Waldo. You never know, you might manage to squeeze out a haiku one day.

    We live in a great country. We shall struggle on and one day the remainers and the leavers will be friends again.. I love my country of birth. The whole Schmexit Referendum mess was a farrago of goofs and travesties. They are portrayed being skinned by devils and having their innards replaced from the arsehole upwards by genuine German sausage meat.

    One of the complaints I heard about the EU, was the un-elected top officials often used bully boy tactics or outright threats towards anyone that had a different opinion or asked too many questions. Do you really think they were ever going to stop? Even now they continue to employ such rhetoric…. In an extraordinary speech the EU Commission president said he would push for Ohio and Texas to split from the rest of America if the Republican president does not change his tune and become more supportive of the EU.

    I personally know old people who only see immigrants when they go to hospital but are incensed about immigration. I know old people and many younger ones who are still fighting World War II and whose sense of history stopped shortly before the beginning of World War I.

    It makes me very sad indeed that so few of the older generation are worried about the loss of opportunity for young people. I know how hard it was to get work on the Continent before we joined the EU or even get a currency allowance to go there! Thank you so much for this. I left in June to go to Canada for a while, where my family is.

    Granted, I did apply for permanent residency, last year, well before Brexit, as a precaution, and am one of the people-who-have-lived-in-the-UK-for-many-years-with-a-European-passport who got refused. For no good reason. In spite of having lived in the UK consistently for over 6 years in one stint, and not having been out of the country for more than the in total, as per the permanent residency rule.

    I now have to build a new life, and figure out a new future. And the swear words hell. This is a really shitty situation. Totally agree with your piece. The baby boomers are the ones reading and commenting, much like they are the ones who got off their arses and voted for good or bad. I guess I am trying to say that we do care, perhaps as evidenced, more-so than younger generations.

    Hope all you whining twats bugger off, we had a vote, the nation has spoken. I was once really OK with being a born and bred British citizen. Happier still when I became British and European. I will remain a European even if it means me having to give up my British passport.

    I gather I am not the only one in this situation. Then you could stay as long as you like? Is it that NHS health and pension benefits? Thank you for your advise. Except the electorate DID know what the consequences of Leaving would be and why only 2 choices were needed at the ballot box.

    So the UK demos know what they were voting for. Campaign for a type of Brexit, but not to reverse the decision of the Referendum. The UK had the information to make a choice, now that choice has been made. Was there anything on the ballot paper about leaving the Customs Union? The Northern Irish peace agreement being jeopardised? Potentially losing our EU Citizens rights?? What would happen to UK nationals living abroad?? The possibility of the breakup of the UK?? Each generation is messed up in their own ways.

    I accept that people are allowed their opinion in all things, in offering their opinion they should also accept that others can also have their opinion even if it the opposite of your own. I think it is totally unrealistic to put forward the notion that the voters did not know what they were voting for and to to suggest that the supporters of Brexit are the only ones who did not know what they were voting for is ludicrous, it follows the Remain camp were equally uninformed or misled.

    Democracy needs to be respected even though it is a bitter pill for the likes of Emma and others, it may have been equally bitter for the Brexiteers had it gone the other way. It is also pointless to argue that certain parts of the country, Scotland, N. Ireland, London, even voted in such a way that it is unfair on the remainder. When we have a general election we have to or at least ought to accept the democratic vote is just what it is.

    Tory voters accept it when Labour win and vice versa so the same should hold in this vote and geography is not a consideration, although the Scots are being encouraged to belive differently. I think the next two years are going to be made unbearably painful by the Remain camp continually peddling fear and fake news about what is being or to be negotiated as will the press and general media.

    If the population will accept the vote they should put all of their energies into supporting the negotiating teams to bring back the most positive deal they can make. It is a given that we will be unable to achieve every single detail in our favour and we should not expect that nor should that be allowed to scupper what is achieved. The EU will take more notice of our negotiating position if they see the UK public behind their government in arriving at the final deal.

    Politicians the world over with equal measure in the EU and the UK show little if any degree of skill in anything they do in recent years except when it comes to arriving at their own salaries and expenses so we should not expect miracles here. The public in much of the EU and certainly the UK have lost faith in their politicans and what they actually do for their citizens.

    I hope this historical event will be a change in that. I hope that both sides in the UK will now just focus on negotiating us as good a deal as they can and then we exit from a totally fraudulent EU where billions of euros are squandered every day by the elite that runs it. If they had administered it properly in the first place we would not be considering leaving and nor would others but they cling to the wreckage of an unworkable idea that keeps getting sidetracked into things it should not involve itself in e g Federal Europe.

    Accept it or not but Germany runs the club, they do the best out of everyone in the EU because they wield the power. They will not want us to go and will make it difficult if they can but it is time to leave as this club is on the brink of collapse because of its own shortcomings and we do well to leave before it sinks.

    So Emma let us be more even handed in our judgement, accept the democracy of the vote and the sanity of the voters on all sides, and allow the negotiations to be conducted so that we all get the best deal we can. We voted without knowing what Leaving meant, and we have no way of knowing what it means until the negotiations are completed.

    For this reason, I suggest Parliament should have a say on whether we Brexit and if we do, on what terms. How to sell the country out in on easy lesson, Brexit it. Sounds like history repeating itself. Maggie did the same back in the 80s. For a country to prosper it needs to make things to sell. A service industry is NOT the same. I am a baby boomer and I agree with everything you say. Personally, I think it was all planned to remove European protection and leave the way clear for some serious social regression.

    What fucking genius thought that would happen? Why idiots that think experts are idiots. I personally like well trained people with years of experience on issues and education. Fucking morons who got played by claims that were disproven instantly — yet they wanted it to be true. What ducking planet are they living on? Too many sun and mirror readers unfortunately. For you to say someone is rude and offensive Emma is the pot calling the kettle black indeed, after that foul semi literate rant above.

    Hi Tess, thanks for taking the time to comment. You were warned in the first para about the foul language. Still, thanks for your time. Very selective in your replies Emma. Breathtaking arrogance minus breathtaking stupidity equals a blog that clogs up google searches.

    Not sure what you mean, Dom. You have a good day now. Great that you took the time to respond, despite not having the courage to leave your real name. They massive voted to leave the EU and now the factory, which gives a lot of jobs, will shut down and move to another country.

    And I remember the campaign with the bus displaying that thing about the millions for the NHS. Is the NHS ready to attend about more pensioners with less nurses and doctors? Britain for the british? Perhaps the situation could be brought to a swift and satisfying conclusion if those brexiteers who are so keen to jump of the cliff edge into oblivion did it NOW, off a real cliff, and save the rest of us from imminent and certain hardship.

    I do not believe for one moment that whatever benefits may arise from leaving the EU and I am sure no one can convincingly make a case for any they will have any positive impact on the general population. The economic and political consequences of this utter folly will rumble on to the detriment of the common people for years.

    And no doubt we will be picking up the tab just to add insult to injury. Bloody glad I move to France five years ago registered and working in the system — as elequantly said GB has fucked itself! I thoroughly and utterly enjoyed reading this and the comments, I find it totally just and deserved that you all finally feel so strongly and angry about it all, the longer the better. The fact you all feel this way is a long over due honor to those that sacrificed so much in our countries past wars and won so much, and achieved so much only to produce cowardly and weakened lacks of character and appreciation in people such as yourselves with rediculous views of utopia and liberalism without any real freedom.

    Meaningless enough to move you to write a comment though, eh Peter? Thanks for taking the time to read it. Brexit was inevitable either now or at a future date. The prime directive of the EU is a totalitarian superstate and if you had done your research properly would know this.

    Cameron said no further integration and no Euro. Now with proposed EU army Denied by Clegg and Co and the provocation of the Russian borders, nothing could be further from the truth.

    Don’t read this if you’re easily offended. It’s about Brexit.

    1 day ago keeps Brexiteers AND Remoaners happy and it IS quite clever AND Remoaners happy while pushing through Thersa May's Brexit. 1 day ago THIS BREXIT SOLUTION keeps Brexiteers AND Remoaners happy and it IS quite clever. {content: A CROSS party group of MPs believe they. Labour Party sees Brexit plan dismantled as Andrew Marr point out two MAJOR FLAWS. THE Labour Party THIS BREXIT SOLUTION keeps Brexiteers AND Remoaners happy and it IS quite clever. A CROSS party group.

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